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The Liebherr T284 Mine Dump Truck to Debut in MINExpo

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Core tips:In the field of mining trucks, the history of Liebherr is the shortest, but it has been a maverick. The largest T282 has

In the field of mining trucks, the history of Liebherr is the shortest, but it has been a maverick. The largest T282 has been 14 years since its inception in 1998, launched the improved models B and C. Now Liebherr has introduced its successor T284. T284 will show in MINExpo2012 in September in the Las Vegas with the public and with the latest T264.
The Liebherr  on T282 uses the Siemens AC drive system, the reason is the same as the UnitRig MT-5500 used the AC drive system with General Atomics, GE AC drive system was co-developed and Komatsu. T282B, using the Siemens-Liebherr ,which is that Liebherr and Siemens to jointly develop the AC drive system. T282C is on the use of the Liebherr and Litronic AC drive system. Later the T282C is more using the upgraded version of the Litronic AC transmission system Litronic plus AC drive system.

T284 weight is 237 tons, the load weight is 363 tons. Use MTU / DDC or Cummins engine power hp 3500-4000. AC drive using IGBT technology components, cooling method for liquid cooling, generator and drive motor with forced air cooling, user-selectable 3 different the configuration speed ratio, select 37.33:1 speed ratio configuration of up to 64 kilometers per hour .
The braking system using electric braking system power can be up to 6000 horsepower, which also can be reduced to less than 1 km / hour speed. Service brake and parking brake using the traditional dry disc.
T284 frame is tall and strong, welding line with norms of international joint fatigue, and manufactured according to the American Welding Society standards. Focus on the stress part casting, welded inside the box girder ribs, to ensure durable and lightweight.

Liebherr's unique double A wishbone front suspension ensures that the front wheel at all times be able to close to the ground, and the elimination of lateral forces to reduce tire wear. The rear suspension is simple and effective, to make the force more directly, durable and lightweight.
With the TI274 earliest appear on Bauma 2007, the T284 and T264 also come out, the T-series Liebherr mining trucks began to enter a new stage. Carter, Komatsu, Hitachi, Liebherr four giant rivalries will continue.

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