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TECO Inverter S310

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Model: S310 
Unit Price: $2000.00/set 
Order(Min.): 1 set 
Total: 100 set
Delivery Period: Within 3 days of delivery from the date of payment.
Location: China
Valid Date: Long-term effective
Last Update: 2013-02-16
Views: 602
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Product details
Cheung Hung Shanghai Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a scientific research and development, industrial design, manufacturing and sales agent for the integration of science, industry and entities, the company has set up the drive (servo system) sales and repair center, professional agent TECO inverter, Yaskawa inverter Fuji inverter, Emerson inverter, Siemens inverter, Delta inverter and other brand inverter, servo controller, PLC, HMI products, professional maintenance of various brands inverter, servo drive system, the PLC, DC speed control , soft starters, industrial computer, industrial lines, torque controller and other industrial products. Cheung Hung Shanghai Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.: cement plants, power plants, paper, chemical, water supply, heating, textile, machinery, machine tools, cold drinks, beer, food and steel, mining, rubber, plastics, feed, pharmaceuticals, hospitals long service , guesthouses, hotels, and other industries, for a price, flexible management style, the shortest delivery cycle, strong technical strength and commitment of the three bags of service and excellent technology has been praised by our customers. companies design while providing you production, installation, commissioning, after-sales and one-stop service. Technology in order to ensure quality service, advanced means of control of the inverter, PLC, industrial computer, touch screen, professional design and manufacture of various types of electronic control equipment, rubber, chemical fiber, paper making, printing, cable, electric power, mechanical and electrical automation, lifting, water treatment, environmental protection and other industries to provide quality electronic control products.
TECO Inverter S310 series: Simple inverter
Product Features:
1, fanless design (textile machinery demand)
2 models: single-phase 200V0.4/0.75KW/1.5KW
3 veneer / simple mechanical design - Booktype
4, the operating system with the N310 with the selected product series best
5, for the target market of the project design features
6 using 16bitsCPU Keywords: TECO Inverter
7,0-400Hz output (centrifuges demand)
, 8,5 DI +8 speed + paragraphs acc / dec set (cross-machine)
9, Keypadoption (built-in VR, directly outside the pull)
10, the factory is not built-in (hosiery machine / the cross machine / weft / water jet loom / winder / FAN / winding machine)
The can body installation (pipeline / winding machine) Remotecontrol (conveyor belt / centrifuges / winding machine) the choice of Standard and Advanced models (see brake crystal + RS485) standard models: Waji / cross / weft within / water jet loom / winder / FAN / winding machine) Advanced models: centrifuge
TECO Inverter S310 series is widely used in transport equipment, electronic equipment, such as hosiery machines, flat knitting machine, weft feeder, water jet loom, winding machine, FAN, winding machine and other simple small automation equipment, S310 inverter main AS2-IPM alternative the market Aideli inverter the MS2-IPM, Delta inverter VFD-S, VFD-L series and domestic inverter series inverter of small economies, S310 inverter, TECO quality and domestic prices.
TECO S310 frequency converter Model: Keywords: TECO Inverter
S310-2P5-H1D, S310-201-H1D, S310-202-H1BCD, S310-2P5-H1BCD, S310-2P5-H1CD, S310-2P5-H1BD, S310-2P5-H1BC, S310-2P5-H1, S310- 201-H1BCD, S310-201-H1CD, S310-201-H1BD, S310-201-H1BC, S310-201-H1
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