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Shelf 0531000001 Busch vacuum pump oil filter

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Brand: Busch 
Model: 0531000001 
Specifications: All kinds 
Unit Price: $90.00/ 
Order(Min.): 10  
Total: 20000
Delivery Period: Within 3 days of delivery from the date of payment.
Location: China
Valid Date: Long-term effective
Last Update: 2012-10-12
Views: 698
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Product details
Spot supply 0531000001 Busch vacuum pump oil filters Lincheng Xueyuan filter factory is specializing in the production of the vacuum pump series filters used filter material completely producing high-quality filter material imported from the United States, Germany, Italy, South Korea other countries, excellent quality, cost-effectivehigh, suitable for all types of rotary vane vacuum pump supporting the use of.
imported brands BECKER Becker, BUSCH Busch, LEYBOLD Leybold, RIETSCHLE Ridge Music vacuum pump filter swap.
Common specifications corresponding host part number:
BECKER Becker vacuum pump filter series:
, 909578,84040107,909514,909510,909514,909519,909518,909505,84040112,84040207
84040110000,9095060000, 909505,909507 ...
BUSCH Busch vacuum pump filter series:
LEYBOLD Leybold vacuum pump filter series:
RIETSCHLE inside the music vacuum pump filter series:
730507-0000,909503,730542,730517,730080,730502,515310,730506,730508,513457,730519,317895,317957,731468-R ,730080-0000
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